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Successful Projects, Satisfied Customers

Whether you are dealing with Data Migration, Application Retirement, Data Provisioning or entire Data Life Cycle Management – JiVS always has the Right Solution

With over 20 years of experience, we have implemented projects for customers from the most varied of fields: no two projects are alike, and nevertheless, we have achieved our aims safely and quickly in every case using JiVS Products and the JiVS Methodology, whilst keeping costs down. Many well-known companies and institutions have opted for JiVS in their historization, migration and integration projects. Some examples include:

Successful Projects, Satisfied Customers!

The operational costs of JiVS are typically only 10 percent of the continued operation of legacy systems. Even if the systems are completely downsized, there are still operational cost savings of 65 to 75 percent when using JiVS instead

All in all, what we expect from this is six-digit saving on running costs. We are also taking it as our starting point that the purging of duplications will lower the storage volume used, by around 30 percent

It’s rather impressive, actually. Compared to our calculations for the continuing operation of legacy systems for five years, the costs for implementing and operating JiVS are 75 percent lower

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Customer Stories

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Complete retirement of over 200 different legacy systems with JiVS History, resulting in high reduction of operational and maintenance costs.


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Archived data and documents from an SAP system that is being replaced with a full audit trail and comply with statutory retention periods, up to 30 years depending on documents.


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Cloud-based application retirement program for different kinds of legacy systems with superior TCO powered by JiVS History.

We had to find a solution that meets the legal requirements, serves the internal processes and provides a lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) over a long time period.


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The application retirement program at Deutsche Telekom results in savings of a two-digit € Mio. amounts through system decommissioning with JiVS History.


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