GE’s technology, global network, and exceptional team is fueled by a mission—building a world that works. This motto drives every decision made for the business, including their technology investments and focus areas, all of which will ultimately impact their customers.

Over the last 125 years, GE has pioneered technologies that have prompted world-transforming changes and improved the lives of billions over six generations. To run effectively and competitively in today’s ever-changing environment, GE trusts solutions like our JiVS platform for multiple reasons, including two key aspects:

  1. Protecting Intellectual Property (and creating cost savings by integrating it into the value chain)
  2. Consolidating and Harmonizing ERP Systems

By filling out this form, you can access the whitepapers that go into detail about why GE chose JiVS for these tasks, what additional benefits they have derived from the deployment, and how even a company of their size can leverage the methodology linked to the JiVS Platform in order to streamline their operations – and even shut down 53 ERP systems in eight years.

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