Transformation to a Smart-Driven World

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This booklet ESCAPE THE CHANGE DILEMMA – Transformation to a Smart Data-Driven World draws attention to the continuous change in the world of data, the underlying foundation for the larger-scale digital business transformation. It focuses on the undeniable importance of data for small and large enterprises and describes business executives dilemma at any stage of their digital journey.

“Bridging the LoBs with IT is never an easy task to perform. ESCAPE THE CHANGE DILEMMA offers compelling answers to all the questions arising during any digital transformation program. With leadership and perseverance, Business and IT managers must tackle the data transformation challenges in a team to form the smart data-driven enterprise.”                                                              Jean-Claude Flury, CIO of V-Zug AG, and Chairman of DSAG Switzerland

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Andreas Graesser

Andreas Graesser

Author, Speaker, and Founder of innovad LLC

Andreas Graesser is a professor for Data and Information Management at Villanova University (Pennsylvania, USA). His experiences span more than 30 years within the software industry. Before founding his own company, innovad LLC in 2017, Andreas worked more than 21 years at SAP, first in Germany, and since 2000 within the United States. As a Senior Executive at SAP, he advised countless customers with his thought-leadership on a wide variety of digital business transformation endeavors.

In 2020, Graesser’s company innovad LLC also published “THE TRANSFORMERS – Simplification Strategies for the Digital Enterprise.” Available at all bookstores worldwide, he primarily targets business leaders to make them think about data as the new oil of the 21st century’s business transformation era. Following his passion for helping business leaders with technical advice, Graesser started to write books shortly after he left SAP. In 2019, he published with Springer Nature his first book, “Run IT – Dominating Information Technology,” summarizing the experiences with countless clients. The book is the result of Graesser’s study of the challenges of implementing large software systems. With Run IT, he portrays the Five Pitfalls of Software Implementation projects.

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