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Cloud Services

JiVS Made Even Simpler

JiVS History is used for legacy system decommissioning, with the goal of reducing operational costs and eliminating the entire infrastructure of the legacy systems. Data Migration International is offering a fully managed service, named JiVS as a Service (JaaS) that includes everything to run JiVS History in the Cloud. This allows customers to setup the required JiVS environment in a very short time and with highest scalability and flexibility.
Your data is managed with JiVS in a safe Cloud environment with a high-level of security and restricted access to your company data. The data transfer between your company and the Cloud is encoded and secured via VPN.
JiVS is a service where you only pay for what you use, while it gives you full calculation certainty.

Key benefits of JaaS


Low complexity and minimum infrastructure required


Flexible resource and capacity management


Minimal TCO for running JiVS


Predictable and transparent costs calculation


Data stored secure and protected against loss


Focus on your core-business objectives


Fast adoption of required resources and capacity bottlenecks

JaaS allows customers to choose a preferred Cloud platform infrastructure provider such as T-Systems, Green, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or other providers on request.

Implementation Services

Work Faster, Safer and Better with JiVS

The choice of which method to use in a project is just as important as the products applied or the required resources. A mature method speeds up the project, optimizes quality, minimizes friction loss and lowers the risk of unpredicted events, while guaranteeing required communication and outward transparency.

Our experience of 20 years helps us to develop not only high-quality products but also the methods to go with them. These include project methods, bundling products and consulting services in solutions, as well as optional solution assessment during the project development phase.

Education & Certification

Highest Quality through Best Knowledge

Competent and qualified experts are available to provide intensive operational support and education for all JiVS software components. The knowledge about our products can be tested and documented for each individual participant by performing a certification.

We provide training either on the customer’s premises – or in our headquarters in Kreuzlingen. The extent and duration of training are decided individually depending upon the content and the demands of the individual customer.

Customer Support

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and successful projects are essential as well as the provision of first-class software and consulting.

Data Migration International considers all-encompassing after sales support as the basis for providing our customers with the best assistance at different complexity levels and with the multifarious operational possibilities of our solutions.

Hotline / Support

You can request support easily online or over the phone:

Email: support@jivs.com

Phone: +41 71 686 91 39


We are always working on further developing the capabilities of JiVS and aim to enhance our products according to customer needs. Likewise, we continue to provide support for existing deployments.

To benefit from our developments and to ensure business continuity for your JiVS installation, we offer a maintenance service with the following levels of support:


Regular updates with new or improved functions


Right to use Hotline and Support


Software patches and delivery of workarounds


Access to Software Center