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JiVS Partner Solution Bundles

Join us on the journey to simplification!

When it comes to optimizing your IT systems, two heads are sometimes better than one. To help our customers drive maximum value from JiVS IMP, Data Migration International partners with other innovative solution providers. The result is a joint solution bundle that multiplies the benefit for our customers.

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  • JiVS + NOVO Business Consultants ( DE )
  • JiVS + FINserv Solution Bundle ( EN / DE )
  • JiVS + West Trax Solution Bundle ( EN
  • DMI + Tenthpin Life Sciences Solution Bundle ( EN )

Partner Program

Join us on the journey to simplification!

JiVS IMP allows many different use cases to generate value for your current or future customers, and it can be applied across horizontal and vertical industries. In most cases, JiVS IMP will smartly enhance your product or service offering without cannibalizing your existing portfolio. All of this undoubtedly gives you the chance to differentiate your business from your competitors, and to give your existing customers a value add.

Choosing JiVS IMP means getting to work with mature and well-proven tools and technologies, and being able to apply a unique, tried and true methodology. The automation level of JiVS IMP is outstanding and consistently evolving – in terms of efficiency and advantages for both you and your customers. JiVS IMP is based on an open architecture concept, meaning our partners can develop additional solutions in the JiVS Information Management Platform environment for the management of enterprise data. As a team, we can simplify our customers’ journeys to becoming digital and intelligent enterprises in a more efficient way.  

This is what our existing partners have to say about JiVS IMP:

Partner Models

Referral Partner

The JiVS IMP partner Level for Referral Partners provides financial incentives for the conversion of qualified leads. If a contract is signed between the customer and DMI, the Referral Partner obtains a fixed percentage commission on the net sales price. In addition, the Referral Partner can contribute his specific product and services and accompanying consultation services. Participation in this program is free of charge.

Reseller Partner

In this JiVS IMP partner Level, the Partner assumes the role of reselling JiVS IMP products and services on his own account. He obtains a fixed discount on the net sales price. The reselling Partner can contribute his own products or services in the customer offer and contract. The Reselling Partner has the option of collaborating with DMI on the Go-to-Market and marketing activities. The Partner must have a fundamental understanding of JiVS IMP in order to perform the sales activities independently.

VAR Partner

The JiVS IMP VAR Partner level combines the role of a reselling partner enhancing the JiVS IMP service and product offering with his own value added services. The VAR Partner has the option to implement JiVS IMP Products relying on his own expertise. The VAR Partner sells JiVS IMP Products and services on its own accounts and obtains a fixed discount on the official pricelist. On this Partner level, DMI plays the role of the solution and implementation coach, while the partner is responsible for the end-to-end service delivery. The participation in this program demands the provision of trained and certified sales/presales and consulting staff.