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We have great esteem for the market expertise of our partners and would like to pass this on to our customers, along with the great mutual synergy effects that this brings. In return, our customers profit from the sale of our partners products and efficient diversification of our product portfolios in information life-cycle management.

Partner Program

Develop the Market with Us!

Up to now, our solutions have proven their reliability and success in corporate change processes. The JiVS Platform offers a wide range of solutions, particularly in the fields of M&A, carve-outs, system changes and system shut-down. Corporate changes affect all sectors of industry and are a permanent topic of interest for our customers. This is where the great potential and the challenges for our partners lie.

With our JiVS Platform, we offer you, as our partner, a valuable key for success. The JiVS brand has been developed over the last 20 years very successfully and grows from project experience and guarantees professional awareness. JiVS stands for success and efficiency in IT projects at reasonable prices. Apart from this, the special JiVS Methodology differentiates you, as our partner, from other service providers and offers considerable consultancy service potential.

To decide in favour of JiVS means: Getting to work with mature and well-proven tools and technology and being able to apply the unique JiVS Method. A lot of the JiVS tools and solutions are automated – in terms of time and money, an advantage for both you as a partner and for your customers. JiVS is based on an open architecture concept: Our partners can develop additional solutions in the JiVS Platform environment or for the management of enterprise data with no problem at all. We are partners for our partners – not competitors and are fully committed:


Every project is a success


JiVS is a guarantee for quality


It definitely pays off to be a JiVS partner

The JiVS  sales model is mainly designed for the partner channel. This means: JiVS leads are partner leads. JiVS supports you in customer meetings, compiling quotations, drawing up contracts and in your marketing activities. We provide technical and project-specific support in the implementation of JiVS tools and technologies. We place the JiVS hotline at your disposal and offer qualified training measures.

Partner Models

Which One do You Prefer?

Cloud Partner (New)

In this new model the Cloud Partner acts as a door opener but also as contractor for a JiVS opportunity at large enterprise accounts. The Cloud Partner earns a fixed margin from the generated revenue. Data Migration Services AG has full responsibility for sales and delivery and will ensure that the project is a success.

Referral Partner

The JiVS partner program for Referral Partners provides financial incentives for the mediation of qualified leads. If a contract is signed, the Referral Partner obtains a fixed percentage bonus of the net sales price. In addition, the Referral Partner can contribute his specific services and accompanying consultation services. Participation in this program is free of charge.

VAR Partner

In the JiVS partner program, the Value Added Reseller Partner assumes the role of a classical reseller. He sells the JiVS Platform as part of his own solution for a specific region or branch.

OEM Partner

The OEM Partner uses the JiVS Platform as a basis for his own portfolio and develops his own solution or interface as an add-on. OEM Partners market the JiVS Platform as their own product. In this way, the OEM Partner quickly extends his portfolio by a well-tried technology and is able to expand his business field.

Implementation Partner

The JiVS Implementation Partner builds up a new business field with his own consulting team. He integrates the JiVS Platform into his projects, depending on his customers’ requirements and demands. An Implementation Partner cooperates closely with the sales department of Data Migration Services AG, so that he can offer his customers the best possible solutions.

Technology or Infrastructure Partner

Cooperation with our Technology Partners includes, for example, embedding complementary technology in the JiVS portfolio or participating in joint development projects.

Data Migration Services AG’s Infrastructure Partners offer cost-effective solutions and services such as hosting or platform-service (IaaS or PaaS) as foundations to build up a complete JiVS Software as a Services (SaaS) solution.


A new partner program for JiVS IMP will be available soon.

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