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With the pace of change faster than ever, digital transformation is the only way to keep up. But in the hurry to transform, companies are tripping up on a fundamental underlying problem – you can’t change your business without changing your data. This is the jumping-off point for Andreas Graesser’s new book, Escape the Change Dilemma. Breaking down the major challenges in data transformation, the book provides so-called escape routes for business and IT leaders. As such, it becomes an essential guidebook for your digital transformation journey.

To mark the launch of this hands-on book, we’d like to invite you to a virtual event. Join the author, Andreas Graesser, as he talks to Bill Wohl, founder and president of Wohl Communications. Central to the conversation will be the challenge of legacy information management – and how solutions like our own JiVS Information Management Platform can transform your data in one fell swoop.

Don’t miss this chance to move your digital transformation journey forward – with new insights from leading experts and an incredibly powerful book.

The Book


Transformation to a Smart Data-Driven World

In nature and business, change is the prevailing constant. The booklet ESCAPE THE CHANGE DILEMMA – Transformation to a Smart Data-Driven World will draw attention to the continual change in the world of data, the underlying foundation for the larger-scale digital business transformation. Company officers such as the CEO, the CFO, the CIO, and the COO will greatly benefit from this publication. On the one hand, these leaders’ specific dilemmas are laid out in detail. On the other hand, so-called Escape Routes are offered to overcome the exposed dilemmas. As such, the readers get a very condensed and hands-on ‘cookbook’ for digital transformation scenarios, particularly on the data layer.  

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The Author

Andreas Graesser

Andreas Graesser

Author, Speaker, and Founder of innovad LLC

Andreas Graesser is a professor for Data and Information Management at Villanova University (Pennsylvania, USA). His experiences span more than 30 years within the software industry. Before founding his own company, innovad LLC in 2017, Andreas worked more than 21 years at SAP, first in Germany, and since 2000 within the United States. As a Senior Executive at SAP, he advised countless customers with his thought-leadership on a wide variety of digital business transformation endeavors. 

Very familiar with SAP and the Digital Business Transformation topics, Andreas recently published his newest book, “ESCAPE THE CHANGE DILEMMA – Transformation to a Smart Data-Driven World.” It focuses on the undeniable importance of data from small to large enterprises. Written for business executives, Andreas explains the importance of digitization for any business in understandable terms.

Bill Wohl

Bill Wohl

Founder & President, Executive Consultant at Wohl Communications LLC

Bill Wohl is a highly-regarded communications and marketing executive recognized for trusted counsel, success in global and dynamic environments, leadership in crisis, and powerful, differentiating, creative messaging and brand execution. Passionately committed to achieving world-class communications and marketing execution, deep technology industry knowledge, and extensive credentials in: repositioning brands and products for growth acceleration with differentiated messaging; positioning and creative campaigns; notable expertise in CEO and C-suite counsel; respected crisis and reputation leader; and demonstrated track record in finding, managing and nurturing great talent and high-performance teams.

Specialties: Strategic Messaging, Crisis Communications, Executive Counseling, Event Moderation, Social Media, Media Relations, Reputation Management, Brand Strategy & Execution, Marketing & Communications Leadership.

Member of the prestigious Arthur W. Page Society, the world’s leading professional association for public relations, corporate communications and brand executives. Extensive community service activities, including nearly 40 years as a volunteer firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, and elected leader for the West Grove Fire Company, and serving on numerous non-profit Boards of Directors in leadership roles.