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GDPR Compliance for Legacy Systems

The countdown begins and the transition period of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ends soon.

But the required technical and organisational measures for comprehensive fulfilment of the conditions of the regulation are apparently finding their way into the priority list of the IT officers only slowly.

Existing SAP customers are caught between budget constraints on one hand and innovation pressure as well as compliance requirements of GDPR on the other. The shut-down of legacy systems and archives is the way out of this impasse.

JiVS History for GDPR

With the help of the Java-based platform and particularly its component “JiVS History for GDPR”, the information taken over from inoperative legacy systems can be documented with retention periods and can be deleted irretrievably and automatically after the expiry of the legal retention periods. This extensive “Retention Management” also allows suspension of the automated deletion for exceptional cases such as ongoing lawsuits at the level of the individual data records and documents within the meaning of a so-called “Legal Hold”.

The key benefits of this approach


Reduce IT operational costs by 80%


Smart implementation to comply with GDPR


Reduction of complexity


Lowest possible costs

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