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Wer den Wettlauf gegen die Zeit gewinnen will, muss die Masse an SAP- und Non-SAP-Daten vor und nach der Migration massiv senken.

10. November 2021 – 2022 beginnt die Migrations- und Transformationswelle nach SAP S/4HANA. Wurden in den zurückliegenden Monaten pandemiebedingt Investitionen in Modernisierungen und Innovationen zurückgehalten, haben SAP-Anwender in der Schweiz versucht, die Kapazitäten ihrer Produktentwicklung zu erhöhen und dafür neue Mitarbeiter einzustellen. Dadurch wollten sie sich auf das vorbereiten, was ihnen wie ein Mammutprojekt erscheint.

If You Have No History, You Risk The Future

September 2021. – The future lies in the data. The digitalization surge in the past months serves as a considerable proof. Those who neglect their history, will also gamble away the future. In the September issue of the E-3 Magazine, the Founder and CEO of DMI, Thomas Failer reveals how companies can secure their future by becoming a resilient and flexible enterprise. 

The IT of Tomorrow: Resilient, Flexible and Personalized

June 2021. – If there’s one lesson to be learned from the past months, it’s that enterprise IT has to become more resilient, flexible and personalized. And the speed at which organizations have been forced to change should act as a catalyst for greater adaptability. 

Algorithms and Data Structures: E-3 Magazine Cover Story (GER)

June 2021. – In an E-3 interview, the Founder and CEO of DMI, Thomas Failer reveals how DMI re-invents IT and explains what makes DMI´s product JiVS the essential prerequisite for a successful S/4HANA transformation. Perhaps, Rise with DMI?   

Transformation World: The Magazine

November 2020. – STRONG ALONE. UNBEATABLE TOGETHER. How we achieve common goals faster through global collaboration.

Book Review: ‘The Transformers’ By Andreas Graesser

August 2020. – Simplification Strategies for the Digital Enterprise’ focuses on a new approach to digital transformation: making a company’s historical data front and center to any digitalization efforts.

Separate, Simplify, Automate: What To Do With Historical Data

July, 2020. – Simplification and automation are essential to unlock value hidden in historical data and save money – not tomorrow, but today.

Data Migration International: Managing Enterprise Data

July, 2020. – Thomas Failer is a born transformer who understands how to build solid structures that can support growth while being flexible enough to adapt to external changes.

Data Migration International reports the best quarter ever

June, 2020. – Data Migration International achieved the best results in the company’s history in this quarter (Q1 2020). And the partner ecosystem continues to grow.

Customers are looking for options to reduce costs

June, 2020. – The telephone wires “are on fire” in Kreuzlingen: In recent months, Data Migration International has received many inquiries to decommission old systems – with the goal to reduce the costs.

Data Migration International: the success story continues

June, 2020. – A success story from the Swiss IT industry.

Business is booming for Data Migration International

June, 2020. – Data Migration International is satisfied with the business year 2019. In one of the announcements, Data Migration International Group reports revenue and employee growth.

Beyond ICT


SAP S/4 Power (e3 Article GER)

May, 2020. – Whether in the cloud or on earth: intelligence needs simplicity

Times change but information remains – and simplicity is key

April, 2020. – Author: Marcel Egloff, Senior Account Executive, Data Migration International

Data – fuel or ballast? (e3 Article)

April, 2020. – SAP’s Move program shows ways to accelerate the path to SAP S/4HANA. One of them is to separate historical from operative data. So that data is always fuel and never ballast.

Inspectors do not search for raw data

March, 2020. – Data Migration International from Kreuzlingen in Switzerland separates historical from operational data. In an interview, CEO Thomas Failer explains the necessity of this process and reveals that he is looking for partner companies of all sizes. (GER)

Transformation Champion

February, 2020. – Thomas Failer, CEO of Data Migration International, shows SAP customers a secure and easy way to Hana and S/4, creating lean ERP systems for effi-cient release changes and guaranteeing contin uous archiving.

Separate data before going into the cloud

February, 2020. – More than 50,000 migrations to SAP S/4HANA are expected by the end of 2027 or with extended maintenance until 2030. In the process, old data stocks must be recorded, relevant data migrated and old systems shut down.

Why the Migration to SAP S/4HANA Doesn’t (Only) Need a Color

December, 2019. – Thomas Failer, Group CEO of Data Migration International: The right approach is less a question of color than of system-independent information management involving the separation of historical from operational data.

The Maker: Thomas Failer, Group-CEO, Data Migration International

November, 2019. – The career of Thomas Failer, Group CEO of Data Migration International, is exceptional, having completed an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and having never switched on a computer before studying computer engineering. [GER]

Data Migration Services goes global

September, 2019. – Swiss specialist for information management supports growth and international sales with new holding company. [GER]

COMPUTERWOCHE - Voice of Digital : How the S/4HANA migration works

Kreuzlingen, July 24, 2019. – Although the end of ECC’s maintenance is still a long way off, many companies are already busy with the successor S/4HANA.

Crown jewels belong in the safe

July, 2019. – General Electric protects intellectual property in fossil energy with unified data management strategy. [GER]

EU-DSGVO: Time bomb old data?

June , 2019. – Strict European data protection also affects historical data – an underestimated risk for Swiss companies. [GER]

Old data - the blind spot

May, 2019. – Digital transformation: The right strategy is for a system-independent platform for information management. [GER]

INSIDE-CHANNELS: From Kreuzlingen to Dallas, and later into the whole world?

Kreuzlingen, April 16, 2019. – Data Migration Services increases revenue by 50 percent and expands to the U.S. …

Data Migration Services goes to "SAP NOW BASEL 2019"

Kreuzlingen, March 18, 2019. – Data Migration Services goes to “SAP NOW BASEL 2019” be there and explore the euture of entelligence with us …

Algorithms and data structures

Kreuzlingen, March, 2019. – Who invented it? SAP partner Data Migration Services from Switzerland has realized the efficient separation of agile data from legally compliant archiving and the algorithms of an ERP/ECC 6.0. This makes the successful roadmap towards Hana, S/4, BW/4 and C/4 possible …

Data Migration Services welcomes Hans-Jörg Berndt to the team

Kreuzlingen, November 23, 2018. – Data Migration Services is expanding its sales team with Hans-Jörg Berndt (47). Berndt has many years of experience with SAP implementations and migrations. Before joining Data Migration Services, he was …

CONNECT 2018 - Prominent appearance of JiVS at the SAP Partner Summit

At this year’s SAP Partner Summit in Dusseldorf (06.- 07.11.2018), we were able to hold many qualified discussions with potential partners. The Right Approach switching to SAP S/4HANA was well received and aroused the interest of the participants. Together with the famous F1 and DTM Racer Timo Glock, our CEO Tobias Eberle explained in a podium discussion the parallels to racing sport and its necessity when switching to SAP S/4HANA. Moderated and interviewed by Kai Ebel, the famous sports moderator, we were able to present our approach and its unique advantages prominently and experienced in this way enormous popularity of the visitors.

DTM Racer Timo Glock at the SAP CONNECT 2018: "How to win the race for SAP S/4HANA"

Kreuzlingen, 31 October 2018 – Existing SAP customers must migrate to SAP S/4HANA by 2025. While this is still more than six years away, with around 10,000 expected migration projects in German-speaking countries alone, the path …

Our approach convinces partners!

Kreuzlingen, 31 Oktober 2018 – At this year’s DSAG Annual Congress in Leipzig, we were able to hold numerous qualitative discussions. Many potential partners also got into conversation with us and were surprised by our approach to switching to S/4HANA. We received a consistently positive feedback and it shows that our approach also reaches potential partners and convinces them.

DSAG Leipzig 18.10.2018, DAY 3

JiVS – The Right Approach attracted hundreds of visitors to our booth at the DSAG Annual Congress 2018 in Leipzig. Our bi-modal approach of separating from legacy ballast, before or during the transition to SAP S/4HANA, is consistently confirmed by customers, partners and SAP as the right path. This is the only way to switch to SAP S/4HANA at a reasonable cost, to minimize risks and downtimes during migration / conversion, and then operate the new SAP S/4HANA cost-effectively and agile. The feedback received confirms that the bi-modal approach of separating operational processes / applications from historical data ballast must now be incorporated into the deliberations and definition of the target architecture.

We would like to thank all visitors for the productive discussions and look forward to the next DSAG Annual Congress.

DSAG Leipzig 17.10.2018, DAY 2

In addition to many qualified conversations, we were also able to welcome numerous visitors to our speech “Shutdowns are Part of the Strategy” together with our customer Deutsche Telekom.

DSAG Leipzig 16.10.2018, DAY 1

Successful start at our booth at the DSAG. Our approach is well received by visitors and wake great interest. We look forward to further interesting discussions at the DSAG Annual Congress in Leipzig.

Growth market for system decommissioning: Data Migration Services AG with new partner program

Kreuzlingen, 11 July 2018 – Current topics on the CIO agenda such as migration to S/4 HANA and the stringent European data protection allow the demand for solutions to …

With a potential of 2 billion Swiss francs to become market leader in the decommissioning of software systems by 2030

Kreuzlingen, 28 May 2018 – Data Migration Services AG, the specialist for data migration and data management, has repeatedly increased its sales in the double-digit percentage range in recent years. In 2017 alone, growth totaled …

Data Migration Services AG: Thomas Failer presses ahead with internationalisation

Kreuzlingen, 28 February 2018 – Investments in digitalisation on the one hand and budgetary constraints on the other make expenditure cuts for the operation of legacy systems a top priority. Accordingly, the demand …

JiVS Release 5.0: process and productivity-oriented operating convenience

Kreuzlingen, 7th February 2018 – Since the triumph of smartphones, expectations in terms of operating convenience have changed radically. Ever since, the design of user interfaces must be just as modern…

European data protection: If you store data you must also delete it

Kreuzlingen, 18th December 2017 – The clock is ticking. In less than six months sanctions will begin to apply to violations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)…

Switch off legacy systems, save money, produce legal security

The acquisition of the Central and Eastern European business of SABMiller by the Japanese Asahi Group made headlines in 2016. Less known is the strategic SAP project of this business division: Switching to a uniform SAP solution and switching off almost 25 ERP-systems.

Data Migration is listed in 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant "Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement"

Data Migration AG is listed again in the „Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement“ (SDAAR) by Gartner – the world’s leading information technology research…