JiVS Release 5.0: process and productivity-oriented operating convenience

Legacy data and information as part of optimized business operations


Kreuzlingen, 7th February 2018 – Since the triumph of smartphones, expectations in terms of operating convenience have changed radically. Ever since, the design of user interfaces must be just as modern and intuitively applicable as apps for end consumers – even if the number of users is limited. This type of user-friendly operating convenience is one of the central novelties of the most recent JiVS 5.0 release, the platform for system-independent data management and compliance as well as the decommissioning of legacy systems.

JiVS distinguishes itself by the fact that it maintains data within its business context from legacy systems that have been decommissioned. In doing so, specialist users have the possibility to trace the creation of data and its further processing along the value creation chain. This process-oriented view of data from decommissioned systems can be relevant, for instance, in project business and plant engineering where long terms often prevail. During the modernization of a power plant, for example, it is of utmost importance to know exactly which parts or materials were originally installed in order to avoid errors and delays during planning and in particular during execution. Accordingly, the different views can be placed side-by-side on the new JiVS interface, so that for instance a specialist can comprehend the material flow from the order to the delivery and assembly at a glance.

«Operating convenience has become a real productivity topic», explains Tobias Eberle, CEO of Switzerland-based Data Migration Services AG. «You generate added value when you amalgamate both aspects in a business context and mould them into software. Because operating convenience is not a purpose in itself, but ultimately serves to qualitatively enhance and speed up work. This is why we have fundamentally redesigned the user interface in Version 5.0 of our platform to improve productivity relevant to business.»

Aside from the process-oriented data display, additional views of the database are part of JiVS’ productivity-oriented improvements. In the past, subsequent programming was often required; now, the «Custom SQL» allows for this state-of-the-art functionality to display new views via configuration by taking over and applying the SQL statements of the legacy applications directly in JiVS. Furthermore, new SQL statements can also be generated directly in JiVS without requiring the development of a corresponding program code.


Better security and data protection – aligned with EU-GDPR

Apart from numerous security optimizations, JiVS 5.0 is characterized by additional enhancements regarding data protection. Accordingly, data can be hidden in a targeted way and based on specific rules on the field level, so that unauthorized persons do not have access to it. This is not only important during revisions and audits by in-house and external auditors, but also in the context of the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR, in force in May 2018), which defines the highest standards for the protection of privacy and personal data.


Future JiVS releases: much more to come

Besides preventing unauthorized access, the EU-GDPR also provides for the deletion of data. This is exactly what JiVS’ Retention Management allows for as an extension of “JiVS History”, by which information on the level of individual data sets can be deleted. JiVS’ version that is planned for the summer will provide for deletion processes to be preconfigured and automated.

Another planned novelty of one of the major future product releases is a mobile version of JiVS’ user interface. In particular in terms of service and maintenance processes, legacy data, such as for example material lists and construction drawings, play a decisive role. However, some of these are many years old, so that it is no longer economically profitable to continue to operate the affiliated original systems. By means of the future JiVS mobile solution they can, however, be displayed securely and inexpensively on site. In this way, even legacy data becomes part of the current business processes – for higher productivity and quality.

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