IP Protection

1. Problem description

Many companies write industrial history with their inventions, products and services. This is especially true for so-called “hidden champions”, who are usually not reported on so often but who have achieved an important position on their markets due to their innovative strength and reliability.

The most important asset of these companies is intellectual property, which always comes into the public spotlight when international investors or competitors announce their intention to take over.

It is often overlooked that intellectual property is not only endangered by takeover or cyber espionage. The sale or spin-off of parts of a company is at least as dangerous if important business secrets are accidentally revealed because the data pool has not been properly separated. It is scattered in a multitude of systems from ERP to PLM to CAD.

2. Repercussions

In the case of sellers or spin-offs, the companies have a fundamental interest not to hand over more than the necessary information to the buyer under any circumstances. It is crucial that no business-relevant secrets are revealed especially when the sold company or business unit is being sold to a competitor for reasons of competition law.

But that’s easier said than done. Since the original systems are usually a multitude of enterprise solutions, the effort of carrying out data cleansing and
selection in the original systems themselves or on test and quality assurance systems is very time-consuming and expensive.

3. Impact

Companies are becoming increasingly digital. If the digitized information falls into the wrong hands, in the worst case scenario this can even threaten the former owner’s existence no matter how large and dominant they are. Sellers therefore need a simple and cost-effective way to make the most precise and at the same time legally compliant cut with the data and documents.

When handing over business information, it is also not advisable to hand over a CD with the original ERP data. It would take weeks or months for the buyer to install and configure the appropriate solution to import and read the data.

Buyers will therefore increasingly insist during negotiations that relevant business information be provided in a modern and neutral format.

4. Solution

The solution, which takes all these different interests into account, is a neutral, cost-effective and central platform for the cleansing, legally compliant storage and transfer of business information relevant to a sale or spin-off of parts of a company. JiVS IMP is just this type of modern information management platform, which can not only handle the most diverse ERP solutions from different manufacturers such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Baan, Peoplesoft etc., but also PLM, PDM or CAD systems. As that’s where the building plans and construction drawings, the companies’ crown jewels, are located.

The first step is to move all data and documents to JiVS IMP. The platform stores the data and documents together with their business context. This means, for example, that the buyer can search for and view all machine drawings and maintenance reports from a specific customer, just as they would in the original system. It is therefore more appropriate to speak of the historization of business information and intellectual property rather than its archiving.

Migration first takes place in the second step. Since the buyer usually only wants to feed part of the historical information into their live environment, they can use JiVS IMP to select, transform and transfer the data and documents as required.

JiVS IMP acts as a central collection point and provisioning area or “data staging area” for company information in the course of migration projects. Data and its quality can be analyzed and optimized, for example by means of enrichment and harmonization, an analysis of the information pool’s reduction potential can be created, the filter rules for data transfer can be defined and made available in a neutral format for the subsequent transformation and migration of the information. Once the migration is complete, JiVS IMP provides legally compliant access to information independent of the device, time and location and subjects the legacy information pool to end-to-end retention management for the seamless management of the historical data and documents’ life cycle. In addition, JiVS IMP’s business object-focused approach provides the option of integrating the platform into target environments such as SAP S/4HANA or SAP C/4HANA.

Neither the buyer nor the seller have to implement JiVS IMP in their own data center, but can use offers from the public cloud for implementation. Supported environments include the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. At the same time, customers can choose from a variety of popular database management systems (DBMS), from IBM Db2 to Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server to SAP IQ.

5. Customer benefits

The historization approach for the transfer of business data and documents as part of a sale or spin-off ensures the protection of intellectual property in the event of company restructures involving competitors in particular. JiVS IMP is therefore a useful and essential component of general risk management.

This approach can also be used for a number of other strategic corporate initiatives, for example to decommission legacy systems (application retirement) or for migration to new software generations such as SAP S/4HANA. In all cases, JiVS IMP acts as the central platform for legacy data and documents, managing them in a legally compliant manner throughout their entire life cycle, including controlled and final erasure. This ensures legal certainty, saves up to 80 percent on operating costs and makes companies more agile overall.

Last but not least, JiVS IMP makes a major contribution to information security. As a modern and central platform for legacy data and documents is much easier and better to protect against cyber espionage and shield against vulnerabilities than many legacy systems.

6. Price and availability

JiVS IMP is available now. The range of functions and price are determined specifically for the project.

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